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License keys MEGATECH for BUDS with less duration

Went on sale license keys MEGATECH for BUDS with validity 3 and 6 months.

Now you can buy a kit for the diagnosis of BRP vehicles with the license key MEGATECH with less duration.

Megatech Key Features:

1. Changing of the VIN number, MODEL number.
2. Advanced settings.
3. View stories in hours, rather than percentage.
4. Enabling / Disabling DESS (vehicle can be started with any DESS key).
5. Change the key type without reprogramming (normal, learning, rental).
6. Clear the history of the blocks ECM, MPEM (history of substitutions).
7. Cleaning unit ECM, MPEM, CLUSTER "as new" (resetting the hours on 4-TEC Seadoo, up to 2010).
8. View more information blocks.
9. Installing Secure Code.
10. Edit curves for 2-Stroke vehicles (SeaDoo, SkiDoo) and for new E-TEC models (Skidoo).

If you want to try trial license key MEGATECH (7 days), you must register on our site and write a private message to the site administrator. In your message, please specify the serial number of your MPI-2 adapter.

In reply we will send you a trial license.


We send a trial license only for adaptors MPI-2 and only for third version of BUDS . If you do not have this version of BUDS, we will send it for you.

Serial number of MPI -2 adapter looks like this: 10000XXXX (where XXXX - any four numbers).
If the serial number of your device is different from this, please consult with us.

The list of the latest B.U.D.S. programs:

BUDS L3.3.11SW - all Sea-Doo® Watercrafts and Sport Boats, Ski-Doo®, Lynx®, 1996-2006.
BUDS W3.3.2.2 - all Sea-Doo® Watercrafts and Sport Boats 4-TEC/E-TEC 2007-2012.
BUDS S3.3.1.7 - all Ski-Doo® and Lynx® 2007-2012.
BUDS A3.3.1.2 - all ATV (up to 2012).
BUDS C3.3.1.4 - all SSV Can-Am Side-by-side (up to 2012).
BUDS - all Can-Am Roadster.

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