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BUDS for SkiDoo/Lynx 2007-201X


BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software (B.U.D.S.)
Version: S3.5.1.1 (SNOWMOBILE Edition)
Date: 2013.11.07
Designed by Kongsberg Inc.
Copyright (C) 1999-2013, BRP inc. All rights reserved.

What's New?

 -> Added update file:
    – Added 415 129 871.fc cluster update file for 800 ETEC MY14 to solve break-in light issue.

 -> Modified update file:
    – Modified 415 129 860.fc - MY14 900 ACE ECM Update.

 -> Support 9 new languages (Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italiano)

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