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About Us.

   We all love our recreational vehicles and try to keep it in perfect condition. There is a situation that not everyone is able to use the services of dealers to maintain their recreational vehicles in working condition. The high cost of spare parts and service of dealers have provoked us to an independent study of our vehicles to carry out high quality repair and maintenance without going from own garage.

   We started looking for documentation, gather the crumbs from various sources useful information that would help us to realize our plans. For a long time we have studied the documentation, at the same time buying a different diagnostic equipment, and as a result: we reached our goal - We can independently maintain our own recreational vehicles.

   With time we conceived the idea to create a Web site where we can share our experiences and knowledge in service of such BRP vehicles as PWC and Sport Boats, ATV and SSV, Skidoo and Linx, Roadster Spyder, which we need to maintain in everyday life.

   On our website under «DOWNLOADS» our customers can download the necessary diagnostic software for their vehicles.

   In the section "Contact Us" You can ask your questions, you can offer for placement on the site new rubrics and materials.

   We will try to satisfy your needs to obtain and placement of information, in the opening of new helpful Category and articles. Everything else - depends on you. 

   We are open for cooperation and business proposals.

With respect to you, the administration of the site.